Wednesday, July 29, 2015

1 Nephi 8

(July 9, 2015)
                I feel like there is a lesson here in the fact that those in the Great and Spacious Building seem consumed by their desire for popularity.  I understand that we need to work towards something – some principle – and that we must maintain our influence on others in order to have the capacity to help them turn towards Christ.

                So whether we are good or evil, everything we are doing is in the service of some principle or power.  When we are righteous, we are serving God.  But when we are unrighteous, and pursuing popularity (as an example), we are no less servants.  But instead of serving a loving Master, we are serving a fickle and destructive master – the whims of the masses pulled this way and that by Satan.

                I think, in reality, that being popular (far from being something to aspire to) is actually a net negative thing.  We want to have the capacity to help others, so being hated isn’t a goal in and of itself.  But if we can have influence without popularity that would seem to be an even better option.

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