Wednesday, July 29, 2015

1 Nephi 5-7

(July 8, 2015)
                I desire to be diligent in keeping a good journal, but like most things it is important that I not only remember what I need to be doing but also why I want to do it well.  My purpose in keeping a journal isn’t just to help my children know who I am and what went on in my life (though that is a part).  It isn’t to work through things in my own life and better be able to handle them (though that is also a part).

                No, the primary purpose of my journal is, as was the case with Nephi, to persuade anyone who happens to read this my journal that they need to come unto Christ to be saved.  I have been blessed so many times in my life, and I have seen and participated in miracles that cannot be explained away by secular interpretations.  It is my hope that, by reading of my experiences, someone somewhere will be blessed to know the truth about Christ and be drawn to them.  Everything else is very much secondary.

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