Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Romans 1-2

(July 9, 2015)
                I had two thoughts as I read through these chapters.  The first was on the issue of gay marriage within the Christian community.  While it is true that we, of all religions, recognize that not everything Paul said is 100% correct (the Doctrine and Covenants makes that explicit), we still must accept that there is certain value outside of our Church to his words from those who believe in sola scripture.

                In light of that, what Paul says about homosexuality ought to be dispositive.  That it is not shows that those who advocate for that lifestyle are putting their preferences above their religion.  So whether you believe that the truth comes only from the Bible, or whether you recognize the existence of living prophets, both combine to demonstrate that this sin remains a sin and you fight against the truth at your own peril.

                That raises another issue, of course, in that most of those pushing for gay marriage are not themselves gay.  Paul demonstrates the reason for that in these chapters as well – a deteriorating society begins to take pleasure in others committing sin.  Whether to excuse their own transgressions, or because they are being led by Satan, or whether it is merely blindness, the result is the same.

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