Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Moroni 10; Book of Mormon Title Page; Introduction; Testimony of the Three Witnesses; Testimony of the Eight Witnesses

(July 2, 2015)
                There are so many small witnesses throughout the Book of Mormon – the countless little things that provide small doses of evidence that the Book of Mormon is what it presents itself to be.  Orson Scott Card famously said that if he (or any other modern author) attempted to write the Book of Mormon, the fact that it was a modern creation would show on every page through countless little details that were so unconscious that they would be missed by the author.

                This struck me again as I read through the Title Page.  It speaks of the Tower of Babel, but noticeably it does not include the name BabelBabel was a Hebrew construction given to it after the dispersion.  The Book of Mormon never mentions the name – yet one more lucky detail got right by Joseph Smith (if you presume him the author) or yet one more evidence that the Book of Mormon was written how and when it said it was written if you have a testimony.

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