Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Acts 20

(July 3, 2015)
                I take great comfort from the raising of Eutychus from the dead.  I can identify with Eutychus – here was a young man trying to do the right thing and trying to be in the right place.  Unfortunately for him, he was weak.  As a result, he fell asleep (and then he fell).

                Paul didn’t condemn him for falling asleep during the sermon.  Instead he exercised the power of God in raising Eutychus from the dead.  This, undoubtedly, strengthened Eutychus in his faith.

                Likewise, I feel many times I am weak and not able to do what I would like to do for the Lord.  But I have always felt that if I am putting forth the effort that I want to put forth, the Lord would support me in spite of my weaknesses, help correct the mistakes my weaknesses cause, and strengthen me so those same weaknesses do not bring about my destruction.

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