Thursday, July 30, 2015

1 Nephi 18

(July 17, 2015)
                I have learned in my life that, if we want to walk the pathway of discipleship, we rarely are given the opportunity to stay in our own personal Bountiful very long.  We are given the opportunity to rest there, to rebuild our strength there, and maybe pick up a few tools to help us with the next part of the journey (and maybe even a ship).  But eventually the Lord comes to us and tells us that it is time for us to enter the ship and keep on going.

                We can grumble and complain that we didn’t get a chance to stay in our Bountiful as long as we might have liked, or we can be grateful for the time we spent there and move forward with a faith that our Promised Land is out there and the Lord is leading us to it.

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