Monday, June 1, 2015

3 Nephi 14-15

(May 31, 2015)
                I wonder how many times I am just as guilty of misinterpreting the Lord as were the Israelites.  They heard His saying (other sheep) and naturally they assumed He was talking about the Gentiles.  That is perfectly rational, reasonable, but also wrong.

                When the Lord speaks with me, do I ever do the same thing?  He may tell me something through the Spirit and I will interpret it in a way that is rational, reasonable, and wrong.  How do I defend myself against this?  The natural though I have when considering this is prayer, and I think that is the right answer.  But I fear also it may be just adding a recursive loop (how do I know I am not misinterpreting the answer that I am not misinterpreting the answer?).

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