Friday, June 26, 2015

4 Nephi 1

(June 9, 2015)
                When I see the decay of society, it leaves me with a great deal of pessimism for the future that I will be leaving to my children.  While I am excited for the technological marvels that they will be blessed to received, and the new things they will undoubtedly learn, they will also live in a world consumed by immorality and drug about by Satan.

                I take some hope from this book, because what it details (at a closer reading) is not a world where everyone is a believer, but rather a society formed by believers.  After all, there had to be someone to convert for the missionary efforts to make sense.

                These people lived in happiness while they were likely surrounded by some wickedness somewhere.  They developed a Zion society that lasted for centuries.  So too can we develop Zion families, neighborhoods, and Wards if we are determined to do so.  We may not convert the world, and the culture around us may continue to slouch toward Gomorrah, but we can still find peace for ourselves and those we love if we continue to look towards the Savior for that peace.

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