Friday, June 26, 2015

3 Nephi 20

(June 4, 2015)
                It has been a hard, long lesson to learn what it means to not cease to pray in my heart.  This was a lesson that I could only learn (sadly) by overwhelming challenges that left me exposed to the truth that I could not make it without the Lord.  But even that was a blessing, in what it taught me about staying close to Him.

                Kneeling prayer, I have learned, is an important and powerful tool for connecting us with the Father.  It helps me to be in the mindset of humility and appropriately respects the power of God and my relationship to Him.  But while kneeling prayer is important, I receive equal value out of the quick thoughts, prayers for help, prayers for answers, and the gentle pull of the Spirit that I receive throughout the day.

                My kneeling prayers are necessary.  But it is the process of never ceasing to pray in my heart that seems to have the most impact on my daily life.
be improved.

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