Friday, June 26, 2015

3 Nephi 18

(June 2, 2015)
                The Savior’s words, here, were important for me to hear.  He teaches just how important it is to never give up on those around us, because we never know when someone might repent and return.  Who are we to ever close the door on the possibility of someone else’s repentance?  Who are we to say that the Atonement is not sufficiently powerful, or the Lord’s love not sufficiently complete, to reclaim someone however lost they may be?

                I struggle with this as I deal with those who hurt me at this time in my life.  I find it almost easier mentally and emotionally to close the door on them.  It is harder to see the things that they do to hurt me and to remember that the Lord still loves them and the day hopefully will come when they are forgiven and the things that they do to me will not affect them.  The base part of me wants them to pay the price for what they have done, but that very same approach would lead to my destruction as well.

                And so, though it is difficult, it is clear that the Savior’s words here apply to me as well.  No matter what they do to hurt me, it is essential that I continue to hope for them to make the changes that they need to in order to return to Him.

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