Monday, June 1, 2015

Luke 19-20

(May 29, 2015)
                The unprofitable servant, in my mind, is much like the servant of the Lord who lives their life focused on avoiding sin.  Like a fear of losing money, a fear of sin can take a legitimate and worthwhile matter and push it beyond what it should be.  Yes, losing money is bad, and yes sin is bad.  But if our fear of losing money or our fear of sin debilitate us to the point where we don’t invest what we have been given to the Lord to build His Kingdom, what purpose do we have?

                Our focus needs to be on building the Kingdom, not the selfish purpose of avoiding sin.  If we are truly focused on building the Kingdom, we will avoid sin as a natural consequence of our increased love for the Savior and our fellow men.  Ironically, the best way to avoid sinning is very often to forget the battle with sin and focus on the needs of those around us and what the Lord wants us to do at that moment – then doing it.

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