Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Acts 13-14

(June 27, 2015)
                We see a major difference here between the way the Greeks treated Paul and the way the Jews treated Christ.  In Christ, the Jews came face-to-face with their God.  He performed countless miracles in their view.  And, ultimately, they condemned Him as a mere man and sentenced Him to death.

                In contrast, Paul was nothing more than a man.  He performed (in our record) a single miracle in the view of the Greeks.  And the Greeks were prepared to worship him as a god, and it took their greatest efforts to prevent them from doing so.

                It drives home the truth of the idea that if the miracles which were performed by Jesus had been done to any other people, they would not have crucified Him.  But what does that mean for us, who are His chosen people today?  Are we still similarly blind, such that we have been so blessed by miracles and the gifts of the Spirit that we could become blind to the Lord working among us?

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