Monday, June 1, 2015

Luke 18

(May 28, 2015)
                The lesson I got from this chapter was the same one I got from reading Luke yesterday.  How often do I trust myself that I am righteous, and from that very thought in my heart find myself despising others.  I am grateful for the progress that I am making, and the way the Lord is applying Grace in my life to empower me to overcome the weaknesses in my nature.  But that gratitude can go to a place it was never intended, in that it will cause me to focus on me and not on the Lord.

                Ultimately that is the great problem -- a selfishness in our natures that cause us to view ourselves as somehow central or more important than others.  This is the root cause of all sin, the reason Satan went astray, and the great lie he continues to peddle behind the scenes in mortality – the myth of pride.  So long as we are not fully and completely humble, any virtue can be turned into a vice.

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