Friday, June 26, 2015

3 Nephi 26-27

(June 7, 2015)
                The language here was interesting, in that it called for the repentance of all sins, and then faithfulness until the end.  There is really a great lesson to be had in this presentation.  Sometimes I mistakenly seem to believe that if I just can overcome and repent of all of my sins, I will be set.  But in so many ways, repentance of all of our sins is only the starting point.  It is at the conclusion of our repentance process (justification) that our natures can be changed to the point where we desire only righteousness (sanctification).

                If all the Lord wanted was for us to avoid sin, we could have taken advantage of Satan’s plan.  Instead, we are to repent of all of our sins as the start of our progress.  Rather than a finish line, it is the point where we stop jogging by the side of the road and get into the car that takes us where we need to go far more quickly.

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