Monday, June 29, 2015

Ether 7-8

(June 22, 2015)
                Sometimes politics leads culture (for example, Noah led the people into wickedness).  Sometimes culture leads politics.  Most of the time, if either of those two facets are wicked the people turn to wickedness.  But, on rare occasions, we see when the reverse is true.  Here the culture was wicked but a righteous leader was able to help his people turn to the Lord by nothing more than letting the prophets preach.

                With the way our world is changing, it is only a matter of time before speaking the truth is an act of defiance (if we have not crossed that Rubicon already).  In the end, though, it is still true and still worth it – and if the truth can continue to get before the people eventually hearts may be touched and repentance is possible.

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