Monday, June 29, 2015

Acts 6

(June 21, 2015)
                There is a very human trait to attack when losing an argument.  It is easy enough to look at others and see this behavior, but it exists in me as well as those I disagree with.  When I find myself angry at others, it seems most often because I am losing the argument.

                The trick, of course, is that often I lose the argument because I am arguing on the wrong subject entirely.  I will think that I am arguing a self-justifying position, and I will be making a cogent presentation that I am right and ‘they’ are wrong.  And I might be ‘winning’ the argument at the very time that I am becoming angry and attacking.

                It is only when I step back that I can recognize why I am getting angry.  There is no justified position – we are all sinners.  So when I try to present my situation as me being right and others being wrong, I cannot possibly win that argument.  The only ‘win’ is to focus on my relationship to Christ and allow them to focus on their own relationship with Him.

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