Friday, June 26, 2015

John 9-10

(June 11, 2015)
                My thoughts today seem centered on the promise of the Lord that no man can pluck those He has chosen from the Father’s hand.  I truly believe that.  Circumstances are such that I expect to be put in a dangerous situation soon – based upon the actions of another who is hostile and bitter towards me, and willing to use dishonesty to damage me.  It is a painful thought, the damage that might be done.

                But the one thing that brings me comfort is that nothing my accuser can do can ultimately pluck me from the hands of the Father.  He never let go of me as I sinned against Him.  He never let go of me when I had my crisis of faith.  In both cases, somehow I was brought through with a deeper faith and testimony of His and a greater understanding of His love and His nature.  Now I can trust the same thing – He will not let go of me even in the result that I fear comes to pass.  He will be there for me and nothing done to me will be sufficient to pluck me out of His hand if I wish to remain there.

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