Monday, June 1, 2015

Luke 22

(June 1, 2015)
                It is hard for me to imagine that someone could see the miracles of the Savior (and even be a beneficiary of them) and yet still hate Him.  But that is what happened in this chapter.  The servant of the priest was cut by the sword, and the Savior healed him.  But, seeing this, the priest went forward with the arrest and the soldier presumably participated (although, to be fair, the record was ultimately silent on that fact).

                It is important to know this fact pattern for two reasons.  First, there are those who will know the truth absolutely and without question (or, to a lesser extent, know enough of the truth to know better) and yet will still act in opposition to the Lord’s will for purposes of their own.  We deny that at our peril.

                Second, we likewise are not as rational as we like to think we are.  There are times when we want something and we will contort ourselves mentally and spiritually until we arrive at the point where we can justify our selfish choice.  We can see the Savior heal us, and at the same time put Him to shame because our hearts are not turned to Him the way they should be.

                Being aware of it in others helps us to protect ourselves.  Being aware of it in ourselves helps us to change that aspect of our natures and by recognizing our faults to sacrifice them and become more like the Lord in what we do and who we are.

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