Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ether 15; Moroni 1-6

(June 28, 2015)
                I cannot help but wonder what ever became of Coriantumr.  Not physically, of course – we know that he joined with the Mulekites and spent his last days with them – but rather spiritually.  With everything that he had witnessed, and everything which he experienced, was he finally ready (in that last window of time the Lord gave him) to repent and turn to the Lord?

                It really ought to be an easy question to answer, but I have my doubts whether he actually repented.  I look back at his actions – how many times the clear truth of the prophecies were before him (and he even seemingly acknowledged their validity), and yet he refused to repent.  After the prophecies came true, was he at that point ready to repent?  Or would he allow his heart to become bitter and be even more sealed off against God?

                Earlier in my life, I felt like so many questions were just a matter of faith – if I truly believed, then of course I would take the right course of action.  My mistakes were deficiencies of faith in my mind, rather than deficiencies of character.  But reality has disabused me of that belief – I have seen in both my own life and the lives of others that just because we believe the truth (even when we know the truth), does not mean we live it.

                Turning our lives and our wills over to God is ultimately a choice.  It is a choice that stands independent of the level of our faith in many ways.  Or, instead, it stands as prior to our faith – we choose to believe, just as we choose to act.  The fact that Coriantumr saw his whole society destroyed as a result of prophecies from Ether does not necessarily mean he repented – after all, he didn’t repent when he was seeing it in the process of happening.

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