Monday, June 29, 2015

Ether 12

(June 25, 2015)
                One recurring problem that I have in my own life is that so often I find myself hurt (almost bitter) that my efforts to do the right thing result in me getting hurt again and again.  I see dishonest people prosper against me, and as I try to do the fair and right thing I am damaged by others who take upon themselves the mantle of righteousness while engaging in despicable behavior towards me (justifying themselves in the results their behavior generated – despite the way those results were achieved).

                That is why I was so struck by the Lord’s language in this chapter that His Grace is sufficient that others will not take advantage of our weakness.  I have always read this in the past as weakness of character, but I realized today that it was also true of practical weakness.  The defenses that I willingly give up, the advantages that I do not press – all of these expose me to damage from people who do not care about fairness.  But the infinite Grace of the Savior is sufficient to protect me from others taking advantage of these weaknesses as well.

                Yes, things may happen that will hurt me because of the deception and evil of others.  But that doesn’t change the fact that the Lord is in charge, and that His plan is a perfect one.  Faith is much broader than simply believing that the Lord exists and died for us – it is also understanding and believing that He will make all things right. Faith has more to do with trust than with knowledge.

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