Monday, June 29, 2015

Acts 10

(June 25, 2015)
                The nature of revelation is something that I don’t adequately comprehend sometimes.  Even after all of this time, I still seem to believe that revelation is something that comes from the blue (though it rarely has done so in my life).  Revelation, instead, typically comes from dealing with an immediate situation, and we are given only the help and instruction that we need in order to solve the problem we have.

                Peter wasn’t told by the angel to give the Gospel to the Gentiles.  He was given enough context that he knew that when he was asked, it was time to give the Gospel to the Gentiles.  The Lord is always teaching us, and that means relying on our ability to the best we can do so.  We are like little children trying to load the dishwasher, and God gives us just enough instruction so that we get the job done.  He doesn’t teach us electricity, or where the water comes from – he just gives us the concept so that we can get the forks in the right spot (correcting us if we get it wrong).

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