Friday, June 26, 2015

Mormon 1

(June 10, 2015)
                Stopping of Mormon’s mouth, such that he was not allowed to preach to the people, is an amazing thing when you think about it.  It signifies a society that is so very wicked that the Gospel could not even be taught to them.  Presumably this was not so that they would be destroyed (that is not the way our loving Father works), but rather to limit the destruction which they would suffer under.

                I can only imagine how wicked a society would have to be before the Father Himself instructed His prophets to stop preaching the Gospel to them.  It must be because there was no hope that anyone would accept, and the only thing preaching was doing would be to pile up condemnation upon their heads.  It brings both a bit of comfort (in that our leaders are not silent in our day) and a bit of worry (in that they aren’t as direct as they have been in the past – is that because of a change in approach or is that because they have been stopped from preaching some things in clarity?).

                Regardless, our responsibility is simple – we must remain humble and willing to listen and submit to the Lord and His leaders.

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