Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Moroni 8

(June 30, 2015)
                The doctrine of salvation for children under the age of eight leads to some interesting understandings.  First, the reality is that for a long time (and still today in some parts of the world) a majority of children died before the age of eight.  That would seem to indicate that salvation is more common than first thought.  I am not sure how that works out, but I trust that it does and am grateful for it.

                The second thought is just how perfect the Lord’s justice and mercy are.  The Lord is not going to condemn us for things that happen completely outside of our control any more than He would condemn children for what is happening outside of their control.  I am currently in a very difficult and painful position, and yet I can trust that the Lord will make things right and not condemn me for things I cannot change but rather will judge me for the things which I am doing and the ways I do act.  This is a tender mercy from Him.

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