Monday, June 29, 2015

Ether 4-6

(June 21, 2015)
                How often are we like Jared – perhaps we may have good desires, but we think that we can do something other than what the Lord has in mind for us (doing 80% of His will, rather than striving to do 100%).  These are the things that destroy us – these little methods we use to hold back our will from Him.  He does not want us to have a king, and yet (because, as we think, we are righteous) we know we will be alright with a king.  And in no time we are brought into captivity.

                We think, because we are doing so many things well, that we can engage in just this little sins (no one will know!) and be alright.  But, over time, these little sins bring us into captivity.  I have learned that the Lord has a great deal of patience for us when we strive to turn our wills completely over to Him (even when we fail), but our destruction is certain if we try to hold back our will from Him.

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