Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Acts 15

(June 28, 2015)
                We see in this chapter one of the first demonstrations of the power of councils in the early Church.  We have record of how those councils went – much the same as we have record of how they go in our day.  In both times, everyone is free to speak their minds.  Truth and opinion is not withheld, but all come ready to listen to the voice of the Lord.

                After each have had their say, the debate until revelation is received by the Priesthood leader.  Then all who participate in the council are asked if they can support the leader.  Unanimity is reached – not just of verdict but also of opinion.  Onenees is pursued.

                This council process is something that seems difficult and costly in time and emotional resources, but at the same time it seems so very worthwhile.  I have seen councils done according to a model different from this one, and I have seen the negative consequences that can flow from these deviations.  As I go forward in my life, I see this skill (working in council) being an important one for me to develop – both with the Lord, with my children, and with a future eternal companion.

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