Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3 Nephi 1

(May 20, 2015)
                I can only imagine what a great test it was to Nephi to face the challenge that he faced in this chapter.  His father, a truly mighty man in the Lord, had just left him in charge.  Almost immediately upon his ascension to the head of the Church, the enemies of the Church conspired to destroy all of the believers (and this timeframe was almost certainly not accidental on their part).

                Nephi, then, was put in this situation of great test to him.  It was a situation that I cannot imagine feeling prepared or capable of handling on my own.  I can only imagine the insecurity that Nephi felt himself.  But, to his credit, he turned to the Lord for strength rather than relying on his own wisdom – and the Lord, as He always does, came through for Nephi.

                This is an important reminder to me as I struggle with the fear of destruction coming to me.  This destruction might be headed off, or it might come, but in no event do I have the strength to manage the challenges that I currently face.  It is only by giving these burdens to the Lord and humbling myself to allow Him to carry them that I have hope of salvation.

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