Monday, May 18, 2015

Mark 16

(May 15, 2015)
                I go back to this truth in my own life, even as I see it in the lives of the Disciples – we all have trouble believing in the latest miracle.  After all Peter had seen, yet he struggled to believe in a risen Christ.  He knew who Christ was, he had seen Jesus raise others from the dead, he had walked on the water, and more miracles than these he had seen.  Yet when it came to the resurrection, he struggled to believe.

                So, too, in my life.  I haven’t seen all of the miracles that Peter has seen but I have seen enough that there is not really any more room for rational doubt.  And yet irrational doubt continues to creep in.  I face a situation now in my life where I fear the wrong thing will happen and I will be very badly hurt by this.  Yet there have been enough instances of the Lord’s intercession on my behalf that I should (if I am being reasonable) trust that He will intervene to fix this or if not it is because He will allow it to happen to bless my life.  Yet I still struggle.

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