Monday, May 18, 2015

Helaman 13

(May 17, 2015)
                No one hides their treasures to the Lord save the righteous – that language is unambiguous.  But what does it mean, and how do we apply it in our lives today, seeing as how we aren’t likely to go around digging holes and burying treasure on a regular basis in our modern society.

                I think it is still very relevant, because our treasure is whatever we desire or want in our lives.  If we want something for the Glory of God (or, at a minimum, are willing to dedicate those things we want for the Glory of God), we put things in the proper perspective and priority.

                So if I want to enjoy a movie, that is fine.  That is a treasure.  But if I place the Lord first – hide that treasure to the Lord (make sure that there is nothing He wants me doing instead, make sure that the Lord is alright with me watching that movie, and so forth), then blessings can come from watching that movie.  After all, President Monson loves the movie “What About Bob?” so movies aren’t bad by their nature – they are only bad if they are higher on our list of priorities than the Lord is.

                It is very similar, in my mind, to our responsibility to pray to the Lord before doing anything to consecrate our efforts to our gain.  This is true for whatever we do in our lives, and if we keep that in mind He will be able to guide us continually.

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