Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Helaman 6

(May 11, 2015)
                It is sometimes difficult to draw too much of a parallel between events in the Book of Mormon and modern events.  On the one hand, the patterns of Satan are constant and Mormon saw our day when he put what he did in the book.  On the other hand, our understanding of these patterns does not equate to a perfect analogy with modern times.

                That being said, I think there is something to draw here from the changes that we are seeing in our modern society (and even in the Church).  We see that there are elements within and without the Church who have been seduced by what are ultimately political ideologies to the point where they present these ideologies as more important than the Gospel.  On the other hand, the Church’s worldwide growth (in areas that would have been aptly described as “Lamanitish” only a while back), are remarkable and represent some of the best people in the Church.

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