Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mark 10

(May 11, 2015)
                To paraphrase Elder Maxwell, we are ultimately going to be called upon to give up whatever it is in our lives that is most important to us.  Perhaps, if we are lucky, we will not be obligated to actually give it up (as Abraham was spared from sacrificing Isaac), but we must be ready to give that thing up to the Lord.

                The thing that is most difficult in my current situation is that the thing that I am asking to give up (or, at least, to be prepared to give up) is something that is clearly a good.  But Isaac was clearly a good thing as well.  And yet Abraham had to be prepared to give him up.  I have an easier time with matters similar to the rich young ruler (not easy, mind you – just easier) – when the Lord asks me to give up something that is not good, my mind can deal with that and fight through it even when my capacity to follow this command is weak.

                But when the Lord, as He has frequently lately, is asking me to give up things that are good, I really, really struggle.  The saying is that the Lord gave the challenge to Abraham so that Abraham could learn something about Abraham.  I suppose that I will learn something about myself by the end of this month.  I hope that I am equal to the task ahead of me, and I hope that unlike the rich young ruler I will be able to give up whatever I am called upon to give up (though I still desperately hope I am not called upon to give it up) and to surrender fully and completely to the Lord.

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