Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Helaman 2-3

(May 8, 2015)
                Once again, my mind is drawn to the question of why some are spared while others are not.  Pahoran was killed while sitting on the judgment seat.  He seemed, from the indications that we have of him, to have been a righteous man.  Yet for whatever reason his life was not spared.  Helaman, on the other hand, was spared – and this because of the actions of a servant in protecting him.

                The only explanation that makes sense for any of this is that there is no explanation that we as mortals can understand.  Either the world is absurd (and it feels that way to me at the moment), or there is a perfect Plan that is beyond our comprehension – one that will ultimately make everything right in the end.

                The struggle, for me, is not to be aware intellectually of the existence of this Plan, but to remember emotionally during the times of pain and challenge (such as I am experiencing now) that there is a perfect Plan and all things will be made right.  It wasn’t fair that Pahoran was struck down while Helaman was spared, and it won’t be fair to me if I am struck down either.  But if our standard is fairness, we will all be lost.  Justice condemns us all – Pahoran, Helaman, me, and everyone else.  I need to let go of my desire for fairness and accept the Lord’s Plan.

                But that is easier said than done sometimes.

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