Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Alma 45

(April 21, 2015)
                I still struggle to imagine the difficulty that Mormon must have dealt with in reading these prophecies before the end.  What must it have been like for him, as a prophet, to read and know that the battle that he was fighting would ultimately end in the destruction of all he held dear?

                Sometimes in our lives, it feels like we are fighting an uphill (or even a losing) battle against the tide of forces that are both evil and seemingly inevitable.  Like Mormon, we see the writing on the wall tell us that things are bad and will get worse, and our best efforts may not be sufficient to turn things around.

                In those times, however, our approach must be like Mormon – to strive with our best efforts to fulfill the stewardship which the Lord has given us.  Because while the outcome of the temporal battle is certain, so to is the ultimate victory in the war certain if we hold to the Lord and do our best to do His will.

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