Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Alma 59-60

(May 4, 2015)
                Oftentimes I find that a victory that I have over the forces of sin and Satan are of limited duration.  I will no more than achieve some victory (be it small or major) than another problem will pop up in some other area.  I will overcome one vice, only to find another vice dramatically amplified.

                Satan seems to be following the battle plan of the Lamanites here (or, rather, the Lamanites were following Satan’s battle plan).  When the Adversary is being defeated in one area of my life, he doesn’t suddenly give up and acknowledge defeat.  Instead he repositions his forces to attack a different area of my life.  He constantly seeks my destruction (and the destruction of each of us), and he will seek to accomplish this in any way that he can.

                I am fooling myself when I think a victory in one aspect of my life will bring peace from the battle with sin.  Only complete victory in all areas of my life can accomplish that goal.

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