Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3 Nephi 6

(May 24, 2015)
                This chapter has more good advice to me in this situation of my life – it is often so difficult to be patient in the face of railings, though I truly want to develop that capacity.  I have the urge to rush in and to defend myself, but I also know that I am not my own advocate – I have an Advocate who has paid the price to fully and completely speak on my behalf.

                The other thought that I had was on the people wanting to be subject unto kings.  I imagine that they did not come to this conclusion with the thought in the front of their mind that they wanted to throw down the government to acquire power over their enemies.  No, I imagine they expressed similar concepts to those we see in some areas today – it is too difficult to rule a diverse society without centralized authority, that it was more efficient, and that it became more secular (which is often seen as a positive by those who seek to replace the Lord’s Kingdom with an earthly government).

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