Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Matthew 27

(May 2, 2015)
                Each of us make mistakes in our lives, and we would like to think that all of these mistakes can be corrected.  But, like Judas, we sometimes realize that our mistakes lack a temporal solution.  Judas could not free Christ after betraying Him, and sometimes we cannot fix the damage our sins and mistakes have caused.  In fact, we can never do anything to correct these mistakes – once a mistake is made or a sin is committed, we are helpless to undo the damage we have done.

                Ironically enough for Judas, he had turned His back on the one source for help.  The blessing of the infinite Atonement is that while we can do nothing to correct the mistakes and damage, the Savior not only can but will correct that and all other things.  Part of our trust and faith in Him is to remember that He will resolve the things that we cannot resolve – both for ourselves and for those we have hurt.

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