Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Luke 11

(May 24, 2015)
                It is a sad truth that each of us tend to find a point and time when we are like those the Savior describes here – we refuse to take the key of knowledge ourselves, and we see fit to bar others from entering in, either.  Fortunately this is something that we can be aware of and which following the promptings of the Lord will lead us away from.

                But we must also be aware of it in our surroundings as well as in our own hearts.  There are those (in culture, in society, in education, in the sciences, and even in the Church) who refuse to partake of the key of knowledge, and yet at the same time bar others from entering in themselves.  We must work on our own hearts to not only avoid locking out others but to also be prepared to learn from the Savior regardless of the opposition that we may face.

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