Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Helaman 15-16

(May 19, 2015)
                No matter how overwhelming the evidence may be, we all ultimately choose to believe (or disbelieve).  Evidence may be compelling, but it may never be dispositive.  And so, even in the face of countless miracles surrounding us on a daily basis, we can still choose to disbelieve and even when we may be in a desert of spirituality we may choose to believe.

                I have gone through just such an experience in my life.  I have been blessed throughout my life to have experienced a number of miracles, and just like the people in these chapters I reached a point where I was able to lie to myself sufficient to weaken and damage my testimony.  The things that I had seen and experienced, though I never lost sight of them as true, yet I still managed to struggle with my faith because of my weakness.

                For whatever reason, the Lord didn’t let go of me through this perilous time.  And He has helped me, step by step, to regain the testimony that I had lost and strengthen it beyond what it once was.  But I now have a much greater understanding of the truth that merely seeing the miracles (or even experiencing themselves) is not sufficient to convert.

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