Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Alma 52

(April 28, 2015)
                In a lot of ways, this chapter is the beginning of the darkest period of the Book of Mormon (save for the ultimate destruction of the Nephites).  There is a sense of what is coming – Moroni clearly sees it, but is helpless to stop it.  Teancum may have thought that the death of Amalickiah would have brought peace, but by this point he sees it as well.

                This chapter represents a point where the future of the civilization is poised on the edge of a knife.  Here, the Nephites are able to access the Divine Favor necessary for their temporal salvation, while at the end of the Book of Mormon, they are not.

                This leads, of course, to the obvious question – what is it about this situation that is different from the time of Mormon?  And, as we continue through perilous times, which are we more like – the people of Moroni or the people of Mormon?  Thinking about both of those questions in light of our current situation, I have to admit that I don’t feel altogether confident of the implications.

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