Monday, May 18, 2015

Helaman 14

(May 18, 2015)
                There is a powerful truth contained in this chapter – whenever we do iniquity, we do it to ourselves.  We don’t hurt others through our unrighteousness – even though it may seem that they are hurt by our actions.  Our unrighteousness hurts ourselves, and their reaction to our unrighteousness either hurts them or builds them.

                This is why hatred and revenge are so foolish as motivations (and I am speaking to myself as much as anyone, here).  We do not hurt others when we choose to hate or be offended or engage in self-pity.  We may throw additional challenges before others by our actions, but they will rise or fall based upon what they do (and not what we do).  We may, through our efforts at revenge, give them the blessing they need to walk closer to the Lord and at the same time bring damnation to our souls.

                Right now, though, the contrary corollary is what brings me comfort.  Other’s iniquity cannot bring destruction to me.  That is not God’s program.  If others choose to engage in unrighteous behavior in order to hurt me, then that can bring me sorrow (because of the destruction they bring to themselves) but ultimately the Lord will not allow it to destroy me if I do all I can to walk with Him and surrender to Him.  This is a great comfort.

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