Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Luke 10

(May 23, 2015)
                I can attest to one truth that the Savior relayed in this chapter from personal experience.  The great blessing that comes from seeing miracles in my life is not so much the actual miracle (although there are many times when it was a very precious thing that I desperately needed), but rather what the miracle conveyed about God and my relationship to Him.

                Probably the greatest miracle of my life (subjectively) was a relatively small miracle objectively (yet miraculous nonetheless).  But despite this, it was something that clearly conveyed to me the love that my Father had for me and the efforts of my Savior to care for me.  Through this small and simple thing, the Lord touched my heart and brought strength to me when I was exhausted and did not know how I could continue.

                Miracles are wonderful things – but to paraphrase C. S. Lewis it is more important that miracles exist than that you happen to receive the miracle you want or feel you need.

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