Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Alma 58

(May 3, 2015)
                Again, the idea that the wars in the Book of Mormon are an analogy to each of our wars with our own sinful natures is apt.  In this chapter, we learn that even the desire to ultimately eradicate evil (the Lamanites) from the land must be done in wisdom and order.  There are times when we may want to completely overcome in an instant our own sinful natures, but there are times when that is impossible.

                Instead, like the Nephites, we may encounter times when the only thing that we can do is to hold on to the ground that we have already conquered and continue to look for help to regain ground that has been lost.  We may want to win the war, but we are not called to win the war.  We are called to fight the war, as best we can, in the position that has been assigned to us.  Victory is, ultimately, under the control of Him who leads us.

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