Monday, May 18, 2015

Helaman 9

(May 14, 2015)
                There is something to be learned from the fact that the five men were converted in prison.  Note that they weren’t converted by the preaching of Nephi, although their hearts were at least open to that preaching.  Also, though, note that they weren’t converted by the miracle that they witnessed.  No, something additional happened in prison – something we don’t seem to have a record of – that ultimately resulted in their conversion.

                Conversion truly is a miraculous thing.  In my life, it happened in a moment of decision in a non-descript place in a non-descript way.  The miracles I experienced didn’t convert me (although they were blessings nonetheless).  The teachings I received didn’t convert me (though these, too, blessed my life).  And my own study didn’t convert me.  It was, finally, a choice that I made that brought about my conversion – a choice to follow God.  It seems that these five men likewise made that same choice in prison.

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