Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mark 2-3

(May 6, 2015)
                Sometimes it is difficult to see how good can possibly win.  It is a cynical view of things, to be sure, but evil is appealing and so many people seem to be blindly choosing it over the more difficult road to goodness and progression (including, when we are honest, each of us).

                But Satan does truly stand against Satan.  Carefully reading Christ’s words, you see that Christ never said that Satan was not standing against Satan – only that Satan will be destroyed because he opposes himself.  And we see that – evil, once ascendant, begins to consume itself as it is not enough for evil to achieve a goal but rather it must be forever striving for more.

                Therein is the great hope for good in the world – good will not destroy itself, while evil ultimately will.  And this is also counsel for each of us, as we purpose evil aims, that ultimately these evil aims will result in our individual destruction unless we are willing to change our hearts and seek out good instead.

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