Monday, September 14, 2015

1 John 1-2

(August 30, 2015)
                We once again have absolute language, and this absolute language is very interesting.  We read that everyone that doeth righteousness is born of Him.  In some ways, this appears at first glance as the exact opposite of Paul’s approach that when we are born of Him our works are righteous.

                But my purpose in bringing this up isn’t to dwell on that but rather to notice how inclusive the Gospel is.  Everyone, whether they consider themselves Christian (or even religious) or not, is born of God if they do righteously.

                We know the ordinances are important, and faith is necessary to hold to the truth and obey, but our actions in choosing to follow the light we have been given in many ways is the most important part of all.  If we develop a pattern of following what we know to be right, without selfishness or guile, then in the hereafter the Lord can quickly bring us to a knowledge of the truth and of our error (to the extent we all have errors in our understanding of the truth) and our desires to follow and be righteous will naturally transition into following the new light we have received.  In contrast, someone who knows 99% of the truth and yet lives 50% of what he has been given will not benefit, on the other side, for receiving that last 1%.

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