Friday, September 4, 2015

Jacob 6-7

(August 17, 2015)
                It struck me as I was reading this chapter on the manner in which the Anti-Christ was dealt with.  We focus on the actions of Jacob in defeating him, but what struck me was all of the people who did not contend with him but rather pushed him up the line.  We see that again, later, with Korihor.

                I don’t think that is an accident, and I think that is something that I should learn from.  Presumably others could have contended with Sherem but they chose not to because it was outside of their stewardships.  Likewise, contending with others who might disagree with me religiously, philosophically, or even politically is outside of my stewardship.  If I feel like someone has gone astray, it is not my position to condemn them.  I am to call them to repentance, but in the manner of stating the truth unapologetically.  It is not for me to defeat those who I believe are working against the Lord, but rather to be a witness of the Lord and allow Him to fight His own battle.

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