Monday, September 14, 2015

1 Peter 2-3

(August 27, 2015)
                Peter talks about the importance of suffering not only for our sins and mistakes, but also those times when we suffer wrongfully.  Once again, he sets out clearly our obligation to suffer in such circumstances patiently. 

                Intellectually, it is so clear why this must be the case.  After all, Christ is our great example of suffering unjustly for others.  And He did so patiently, and by so doing we are all blessed as a result.  But I struggle to do so.

                I think a big part of that is how I see unjust suffering as damaging not only to me, but also to those who have caused my suffering.  Whereas Christ’s suffering blessed my life immensely (unworthy though I am and unjust though His suffering was), my suffering is damaging those who have caused it.  It seems like it is wasted suffering, because it hurts me and it hurts the ones who caused it.

                Perhaps I just don’t have a proper eternal perspective in some way, though.

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