Monday, September 28, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 21-23

(September 26, 2015)
                The Lord’s commandments here are interesting.  He counsels patience in following Joseph Smith.  The reason this is enlightening is the fallibility in Joseph that this demonstrates.  After all, were Joseph perfect patience would not be the characteristic most important in following him.  We can look to Christ as the example – following Christ required courage, and faith, and a testimony born of revelation. But patience would not be the top of the list (it, of course, being different in some respects for us now).

                The Lord, in showing the importance of patience in following mortal leaders, is teaching us that despite their weaknesses we are to honor our leaders even when they make mistakes (and even when those mistakes hurt us).  A high and difficult challenge indeed, but unquestionably what we must do.

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