Friday, September 4, 2015

Mosiah 1

(August 22, 2015)
                Sometimes, in the midst of my trouble and the chaos that seems to have consumed my life, I begin to believe that life will never stabilize again.  I cannot imagine a day when my life is at peace, when my waking thoughts are not dominated by considering how to protect myself from those who are actively seeking my destruction, and when the various problems (which, at times, have seemed permanent) will ultimately be resolved.

                That is why I felt a great deal of hope when reading this chapter.  King Benjamin was a good man and a good king, and yet his life had been turned over to chaos and difficulty. I don’t doubt that he wondered whether he too would ever experience peace.  But, in the end, he was given peace and ended his rule that way.

                I don’t know whether my life will ever stabilize (perhaps it won’t – there is no guarantee that it ever will).  But I know that it is possible that it will, and either way the Lord will make everything right in the end if I only trust Him.

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