Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Revelations 3-5

(September 3, 2015)
                Two thoughts through these chapters.  The first was a new way that I discovered to read Revelations.  In the past, I have learned the benefits of reading the war chapters in the Book of Mormon symbolically – with the geography as the soul, being fought over by good impulses (Nephites) and bad (Lamanites).  This has led to some interesting and valid conclusions.

                I thought, as I began reading today, that this might be possible with Revelations as well.  I read these chapters in this way today, and I suppose over time I will discover whether it is a valid way to receive spiritual insights or not.

                The other thought that I had was in relation to zealousness.  For some, moderation is not only a virtue but the virtue.  This, of course, cannot be the case and these chapters demonstrate that.  Not only is being zealous appropriate at times but we are also commanded to be zealous.

                Do we imagine that there would ever be a time when the Lord looks down on us and tells us that we are striving too hard to follow in His footsteps and do what He would have us do?  Of course not.  Perhaps we might be following Him in the wrong way, and that is a danger of zealotry.  But if we combine zealotry with humility and the willingness to be taught, we have a powerful combination and what I think is the result that we need to aspire to.

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