Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Revelations 1-2

(September 2, 2015)
                I was struck by the language of the Lord in saying that He gave space to Jezebel to repent (even as she destroyed the children of God), but she did not repent.  Patience in the face of affliction – particularly affliction caused by the actions of others – is a difficult thing to develop.  If possible, it becomes even harder when our patience is demanded in order to benefit the very person that is harming us.

                But we see that the Lord loves those who hurt us (even deliberately) just as much as He loves us.  He wants to give each of us a chance to repent, and this is a blessing because while we are being hurt by this person, we are undoubtedly hurting someone else.  So patience in affliction not only helps us develop, but benefits those that hurt us and we should develop gratitude for this fact.

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